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Since 1994, Disaster Preparedness and Relief has been a major area of work for the Macau Red Cross._ It was introduced to offer financial support to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Red Cross Society of China for their work in relieving disaster-afflicted areas in Mainland China and around the world._ Also, the Macau Red Cross has rallied the Macau community to donate money or material goods to support the disaster-relief efforts.

In recent years, the Macau Red Cross has participated in numerous disaster-relief operations worldwide, including: the 1996 Earthquake in Yunnan Province, China; the 1998 Floods in Central China; the 1999 Earthquake in Taiwan; the 2000 Armed Conflicts in Kosovo; the 2002 Floods in Eastern China; the 2003 Floods along the Wai River; the 2004 Floods in China and the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami; the 2006 Earthquake in Jawa Tengah province, Indonesia; the 2007 Puer Earthquake in Yunnan province, China; the 2008 Snowstorm Disaster in China and the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan province of China.  In 2010, we also responded actively to the disaster-relief operations in the typhoon in Taiwan, the Haiti earthquake, the drought in south-west region and the Qinghai earthquake of China.

Macau Red Cross has successively built 87 Fraternity Schools for 28 provinces and cities in mainland China, provided emergency assistance to affected provinces, and participated in post-disaster reconstruction work in 20 provinces.

Following the principles of the International Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement to prevent and alleviate human suffering, and in order to better promote the Red Crosss humanitarian and caring spirit, Macau Red Cross founded a Disaster-Relief Fund in 2001._ This fund has since allowed us to provide immediate response to disasters, while improving our schemes of disaster relief and preparation and post-relief reconstruction.


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Mainland China  
Sichuan Province Sichuan Macau Red Cross Fraternity Elementary School students and teachers in Macau
  Albums in the wake of 2nd Anniversary of 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, leaders of Macau Red Cross and the media visited the post-quake reconstruction projects.
  Visiting epicenters at Beichuan of Mianyang County and Yingxiu of Wenchuan County
  Macau Red Cross Fraternity Village moving-in ceremony and donation of electric rice cookers
  Macau Red Cross Fraternity Village Moving-in Ceremony at Anxian county, of Sichuan Province
  Macau Red Cross Fraternity Multi-purposes Centers (For eniors, health and entertainments) Completion Ceremony
  Signing of construction agreement at Yingxiu township, Wenchuan county in Sichuan province
  Letter of Thanks from Yingxiu Township and Jiang You Township of Sichuan
  Letter of Thanks and Drawings from Sichuan
  Commencement of a series of post disaster reconstruction projects
  Leaders of the Macau Red Cross Inspecting the Earthquake Affected Areas
  President of the Central Council Inspecting Sichuan Projects
  China-German Red Cross Field Hospital
  Second Shipment of Emergency Relief Aid on a Chartered Flight
  Representatives of Macau Red Cross supervised the distribution of the emergency relief materials
  Emergency Relief Aid on a Chartered Flight
  Assessment of the Damages caused by Sichuan Earthquake
  A devastated Yingxiu township of Wenchuan county after the 5.12 earthquake
Qinghai Province Letter of thanks from government of Qing Hai Province for receipt of donations and garments from Macau community
  Convoy Conquering More Than 3,000 Kilometers
  Convoy of Donated Garments Setting Off to Qinghai
  Receiving Nearly 90,000 Pieces of Donated Garments
  Relief Materials for Yushu Orphanage School
  Mourning of the 4.14 Earthquake Victims
Gangsu Province 8.7 Landslide in Zhouqu County
Jiangxi Province Staff of Macau Red Cross inspecting the flood affected areas in Jiangxi Province
Shaanxi Province Inspecting Multiple Projects in Shaanxi province
Hunan Province Red Cross villages 08
  Red Cross villages 07
Shandong Province Post-disaster Projects
Hubei Province Visiting Flooding Reconstruction Project in Zhongxing County
Leaders of Macau Red Cross in Hubei province
  Blizzard in Tongshan County
  Disaster Relief Operation
Guizhou Province Emergency Meeting for Snow Disaster
Yunnan Province Relief Aid Distribution Event
Guangxi Province Relief Aid Donation Ceremony
  Ms. Su Juxiang, Vice President of Red Cross Society of China, assessed the damages in Guilin
Henan Province Disaster Relief Operation
  8.8 Typhoon Disaster Seminar
  8.8 Typhoon "Morakot"
  Indo-Chinese Red Cross Village in Indonesia
  China-Sri Lanka Red Cross Village
  An Orphanage in Aceh, Indonesia
  Vocational Training Center in Aceh Province, Indonesia
  Indo-Chinese Red Cross village project in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  Family tents to Indonesian Sumatra earthquake victims
  Fishing vessels to the Indian Ocean Tsunami affected fishing communities
  The Catastrophic Tsunami in Indonesia, Banda Aceh in December 2004
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