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In recently years, the Macau community has raised the concerns for the livelihood of the vulnerable groups._ It is hoped that the seniors can enjoy their lives in full; children confined in special wards can grow up in good health; the mentally deficient people and single families would receive adequate care and love._ Macau Red Cross, embracing the spirits of Red Cross principle and humanitarian, has established a Community Volunteer Group with the aim of providing care and warmth to these vulnerable citizens.

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1. Training of New Volunteers

Macau Red Cross emphasizes the importance of recruiting and training of volunteers._ Those, who are interested in becoming our volunteers, have to complete three kinds of training, namely: "Basic knowledge of Red Cross", "Care and communication techniques" and "Basic medical care"._ After successfully passing all written tests, and rendering at least 30 hours in community service within a year, the volunteers will be permitted to register as members of the group.

2. Introduction of Courses on Badges

In order to solidify the skills of our volunteers , enhance the quality of service and develop their abilities for planning and leading group activities, Macau Red Cross has been holding the following courses since 2004: "Badge of Caring h", "Badge of Benevolence R", "Badge of Humanitarian HD" and "Badge of Honor aA"._ These courses will help the volunteers to develop themselves continuously while taking part of our activities.

3. Contents of Courses for Various Badges:

Badge of Caring - Able to understand the principle of voluntary service and skills for leading group activities._ This badge is a basic training for the experienced volunteers to equip themselves._ The volunteers should have accumulated at least 40 hours of service.

Badge of Benevolence - Able to master comprehensively the concept of voluntary service; acquire knowledge for hosting group activities independently._ This badge is an intermediate training course for the experienced volunteers who have accumulated at least 50 hours of service.

Badge of Humanitarian - Able to understanding oneself better, learn more about the Red Cross movement and to acquire skills for team-building._ It is an advance course designed for the experienced volunteers who have accumulated at least 70 hours of service.

Badge of Honor - It is a required course for those who wish to become leaders._ This program is to train the volunteers on strategic planning of group activities, techniques on delivery of speech._ Volunteers should have accumulated at least 80 hours of service.



2010/10/09 Community Service Volunteers visiting the Choi Nong Elderly Center
2010/08/29 Health Care for Seniors - Jardim da Flora
2010/08/14 Community Service Volunteers Visiting the Centro o Amanhecer
2010/08/07 Community service volunteers visiting the Asilo de Nossa Senhora do Carmo
2010/07/25 Health Care for Seniors - Sun Yat Sen Park
2010/05/30 Health for Seniors - Jardim de Lao Hon
2010/05/29 Community Service Volunteers visiting the Nossa Senhora de Casas
2010/05/22 Community Service Volunteers visiting the Centro de Dia de Ilha Verde
2010/04/25 Health Care for Seniors - De Luis De Camões Garden
2010/04/24 Centro o Amanhecer Students Enjoyed the Hong Kong Disneyland
2010/02/20 A warm gathering in the cold for the elderly
2010/02/06 Visiting the Centro de Julieta Nobre de Carvalho (Center for Seniors)
2009/11/29 Health Care for Seniors - De Luis De Camões Garde
2009/11/25 Simple physical check-up at Good Shepherd Sister-Women's Mutual Help Center
2009/11 "Eat All You Can" at the 9th Macau Food Festival - November, 2009