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The Macau Red Cross Youth Uniformed Group is the major component of our youth development programs._ It strives to facilitate a series of learning opportunity and training for the youth members on first aid, medical health care, social services, practical learning activities and international exchange programs._ All these sessions enable the youth in Macau for a better understanding of the Red Cross Movement and promoting it to the general public._ Through vigorous training and services it would further assist the youth members to grow, become elites and serve the community.

@Objectives and Features
1. Promoting Red Cross Movement: To provide members a better understanding and promoting concepts and principles of the Red Cross Movement.
2. First Aid and Health Care: To learn about first aid, health care and fire prevention in order to protect themselves as well as others.
3. Community Service: To participate actively in community service by understanding and offering help to the needy individuals.
4. Self Development: To help members develop their potentials through numerous vigorous training.
5. Self Training and Enhance Friendship: To enhance friendship with fellow members through participation in various activities and exchange programs.
6. Broadening Visions: To nurture members equip themselves with international broad visions.
1. Practice Red Cross Movement and Humanitarian spirits to serve the community.
2. The first aid and health care training programs help members to protect themselves as well as others.
3. To acquire general knowledge of disaster relief and preparedness, so as to have a better understanding of relief work.
4. To study humanitarian law and to respect human life and dignity.

The training of the Macau Red Cross Youth Uniformed Group is a progressive program for members to earn all badges in 4 stages, namely: The Fundamental Badge, Learning Badge, Application Badge and Leadership Badge._ Each stage consists of six main training objectives from basic to advanced subjects._ Each stage provides multiple compulsory subjects and with some selective ones._ The Fundamental Badge training would last for six months, and it takes about twelve months to complete the other three stages.

The emblem of 'Shamrock' on all badges symbolizes the core of the Red Cross Movement to protect: 'Life', 'Health' and 'Dignity'.

This badge emphasizes on basic knowledge of the Red Cross Movement, such as training on marching, basic first aid, communication skills and community services.
This badge focuses on 6 basic objectives: Knowledge on first aid, disaster relief and preparedness, field training and exchange activities.
This badge helps members to apply the knowledge they learned from various training courses._ It further enables them to acquire advanced courses on enhancement of first aid training, participation in first aid services and leadership training.
This badge assists members to acquire skills of becoming leaders._ It also provides them with opportunities of training junior members of the Youth Uniformed Group.

@Organization and Badge Chart

@Report & Photos

2010/8/21 Group 3B of the Youth Uniformed Group visiting the União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau
2010/8/7-8 The Quanlin Manor Outward Bound Camp in Zhong Shan Province
2010/7/26-29 2010 Red Cross Youth Exchange Camp
2010/7/1-12 Macau Red Cross dispatching 3 voluntary teaching exchange groups to Sichuan Province for teaching activities.  Members of the groups are comprised of local teachers, students, our volunteers, youth group members and staff.
2010/5/15 Visiting the Macau Blood Transfusion Center
2010/4/24 Visiting the Macau Prison
2009/11/28 Visiting the Macau Air Port
2009/10/17 Halloween B-B-Q Party