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To promote concepts and principles of Red Cross Movement, we organize many activities for the young people in Macau, which include the drawing competition with a theme of "Love and care for others without frontier"._ We co-organized the "National Spring Bud Cup" essay campaign._ In addition, we continuously nurture our members to equip themselves with international visions._ We supported members to join various international competitions and exchange activities in the "International Poster Competition", organized by the Korea Red Cross; the "International Youth Exchange Camp", organized by the Japan Red Cross, and the "Tropical Rainforest Exchange Camp", organized by the Malaysia Red Crescent._ Moreover, we strive for promoting knowledge of Red Cross Movement and international humanitarian law to the young people in Macau._ It is hoped that they can understand the important concept of "Helping others enable you to help yourself".


2010/8/21 Group 3B of the Youth Uniformed Group visiting the União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau
2010/8/7-8 The Quanlin Manor Outward Bound Camp in Zhong Shan Province
2010/7/26-29 2010 Red Cross Youth Exchange Camp
2010/7/1-12 Macau Red Cross dispatching 3 voluntary teaching exchange groups to Sichuan Province for teaching activities.  Members of the groups are comprised of local teachers, students, our volunteers, youth group members and staff.
2010/5/15 Visiting the Macau Blood Transfusion Center
2010/4/24 Visiting the Macau Prison
2009/12/12 Prize Presentation Ceremony for T-shirt Design and Children Coloring Competitions
2009/11/28 Visiting the Macau Air Port
2009/10/17 Halloween B-B-Q Party


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