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@Bank Accounts for Donations

A donor can make direct deposits through our designated banks: The Bank of China, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, Banco Weng Hang, S.A., Banco Comercial de Macau, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Banco Tai Fung, and Luso International Banking Ltd.

Bank Account Number
Bank of China
( Disaster-Relief Fund : MOP)
Bank of China
( Disaster-Relief Fund : HKD)
Bank of China
( Disaster-Relief Fund : RMB)
Banco Nacional Ultramarino 9002574645
OCBC Wing Hang 278529-001
Banco Comercial de Macau 8721794111
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 011910020000079648800000
Banco Tai Fung 201-1-08636-1
Luso International Banking Ltd. 10012-100236-6

@Official Receipts

A donor may ask for official receipt by sending us the original deposit slip with the exact amount, name and address, or attaining at our headquarters: Alameda Doutor Carlos D'Assumpção, No. 255 a 263, Edf. China Civil Plaza, 3rd floor, Macau. Once the donation is verified by our Secretariat, official receipt will be issued.

@Mail in Donation Cheques

A donor may send donations by crossed cheques to the following address. Please make the cheques payable to "Macau Red Cross" together with full name, address and a particular project donor wishes to help. Our address: Alameda Dr. Carlos D'Assumpção, No. 255 - 263, Edf. China Civil Plaza, 3rd floor, Macau. After the transfer process is completed, official receipt will be issued by our Secretariat.


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