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@Emergency Tracing


Macau Red Cross has launched the Emergency Tracing Hotline Service. Anybody who needs to look for their missing family members in Nepal, due to this disaster, can contact Macau Red Cross. Macau Red Cross will help to locate them through the International Committee of Red Cross network. For enquires, please contact 2831-3003.

Online Emergency Tracing



Macau Red Cross Tracing service dated back in the 1950's, the 1970's when the internal war broke out in East Timor and the outbreak of the Vietnam war in the 1979 and 1980._ With the network of International Red Cross Movement and the aid of the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC), Macau Red Cross offered tracing service for those refugees who has fled to Macau._ We helped them to locate their lost relatives and reunion with their families._ From the 70's to 80's East Timor, Vietnam refugees and the Cambodian Chinese to nowadays, Macau Red Cross received majority cases from Mainland China._ The objective of this service is to help those who to locate their relatives owing to a war or natural disaster separation.



1. The applicant or the person to be traced must live in Macau
2. Their relation must be closed relatives, e.g. son & daughter, couples,brothers or sisters etc..
3. The application must be able to supply us with basic information, such as the name
of the person to be traced, nationality, age and the address before their separation.
4. Duly completed our Tracing Request Form

The tracing service of Macau Red Cross is free of charge.




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Tel : 2831 3003 @Fax : 2831 3024