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Since the establishment of the Macau Red Cross School in 1992, it has trained many individuals with professional first-aid knowledge. _After completing their training, most of them have enrolled themselves as volunteers of the Macau Red Cross First Aid Group. _They have a passion of providing first aid services in large-scale activities organized by various government departments and other community organizations.

In its initial stage, Macau Red Cross First Aid Volunteers Group is mainly composed of full-time medical employees. _While acquiring their professional first aid education, they have already embraced the spirits of offering voluntary services. _These members are willing to sacrifice their own time of leisure and rest, and ready to serve the general public. _Besides these full-time caring medical employees, more and more members in recent years come from all walks of life in Macau. _It should be noted that many graduates of our first aid school have become our first aid instructors.

Each year, Macau Red Cross First Aid Group provides services for sport competitions, contests, fireworks, carnivals, and many other charity activities which are organized by government departments, schools, charity organizations and business sectors.

@Training of Volunteers

In order to improve and develop technical skills and standards of our first aid group, and to fit into our first aid volunteer promotion program, Macau Red Cross has implemented two components in the training sessions:

1. Basic training program for beginners.
2. Fundamental first aid training for volunteers after admission to the group.

Before Admission to the Group

Before formally admitted, new members are required to go through 4 training sessions. _The main purpose is to help them to revise what they have learned and to enhance their basic first-aid knowledge through theories and practices. _It will be a good foundation for them to be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills for their future first aid services.

New members are not required to take any form of examinations. _We assess them by their performance and initiative in class, and we take their attendances and disciplines into serious consideration. _Our training program takes place in April and October respectively. _New members will be notified two weeks prior to the commencement of the training. _For those who cannot finish the training, they need to re-apply for future admission as their files would be removed from our records.

Furthermore, new members are required to attend a 2 hours lecture every month in order to learn more about the Red Cross Movement and the services provided by the Macau Red Cross.

After Admission to the Group

New members who finished the "Beginner Training Program" and "Red Cross Movement Knowledge Program", the First Aid Group service coordinator will complete the admission procedures and assign them to different sections within the group. _They will then be officially qualified to render their service to the local community. _As long as they keep their membership in this group, they have to satisfy the following requirements every year:

1. Successfully passed our annual assessment.
2. Provide at least 30 hours of service.

For those who have successfully completed all the above requirements, members will receive their first aid volunteer identity cards (eligible for volunteer benefits offered by the Macau Red Cross). _They are entitled to wear our official uniforms, and automatically admitted to our first aid volunteer promotion program.

First Aid Team Annual Assessment

Contents: _Annual assessment has been conducted since 2006, in order to match up with our development, and to maintain high standard of the group. _The main objective is to enforce our first aid service in a well established and professional manner. _Our annual assessment consists of two parts on (1) First aid foundation course, and (2) Technical skill. _All the members must successfully pass the annual assessment before permitted to participate our first aid services.

The annual assessment takes place in July through September. _The content of the first aid foundation course is based on our adult first-aid program. _The assessment on technical skills would include first aid theory, bandaging, recovery position and CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation). _For those who have successfully passed our annual assessment and provided more than 30 hours of service in a calendar year, they are allowed to maintain their first aid volunteer identity.

Method: _All members of the first aid group would have to finish a 9-hours first aid foundation course which is to be held from July to September (3 sessions each month and with 20 students each class). _For those who are unable to finish the course, they will not be eligible for the annual assessment.

Remarks: _Members who wish to study the Adult First Aid Refresh course, or the Advanced First Aid course in the same calendar year, they are exempted from the annual assessment._ The results of which they have completed will be automatically included in the assessment of the year.


2010/02/13-18 Macau Red Cross First Aid volunteers rendering their irst aid services at the official public zones for irecrackers and fireworks
2009/09/19 First Aid Competition
2009/09/19 First Aid Competition Prize Giving Ceremony
2009/08/14-21 The 10th All China Secondary School Students Games
2009/07/13-24 A Lifeguard Training Course
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