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Founded in 2004, Macau Red Cross Medical Volunteer Service, a branch of our community volunteer service, is composed of a group active duty doctors, nurses, nursing and medical school students._ Their primary role, namely the Elderly Care Health Service, is to provide blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and fats content measurements for the elderly in different parks across Macau under varying schedules.@In addition, the Medical Volunteer Service also holds joint talks with other community service organizations to promote health knowledge.@


2010/8/29 Health Care for Seniors - Jardim da Flora
2010/7/25 Health Care for Seniors - Sun Yat Sen Park
2010/5/30 Health for Seniors - Jardim de Lao Hon
2010/4/25 Health Care for Seniors - De Luis De Camões Garden
Health Care for Seniors - De Luis De Camões Garden
Simple physical check-up at Good Shepherd Sister-Women's Mutual Help Center