Macau Red Cross, the Strongest Backup 

Macau Red Cross medical staff provides strong supports to athletes

The Macau delegation of this years College Athletic Games was comprised of outstanding athletes, coaches and staff, in addition Macau Red Cross (MRC) dispatched a strong medical service support team.

A team of four MRC medical staff members accompanied the Macau delegation to Hangzhou. Making the best precautionary measures, and gathering precise information are the key of success in any operation. Before departure, the MRC medical team made reference to the data of first-aid material consumption, and athlete injury statistics of the last National Athletic Games. Because of the distant location, the first-aid items couldnt be easily supplemented from the MRC headquarters, they had to store all the supplies in a huge suitcase.

In the athletic arena, all Macau athletes strived their very best in each event, while the MRC medical team stood by readily to serve them. According to Ao Weng Kin, a member of the team, that the massage cream, cold spray and wound cleansings were usually the fastest consumed items in any sport, and they had sufficiently stocked up all the supplies to meet the need of the 14-day long duration. These four diligent medical personnel become the strongest backup and anonymous heroes in the hearts of the Macaus athletes.

As each event was uniquely scheduled, and so as the MRC medical staffs were set for different assignments to meet the actual need. Though these devoted members didnt have sufficient rest, they meticulously provided a highly integrated professional service. Here, we simply want to express our sincerity to them: Thank you.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2017-09-14