Banco Nacional Ultramarino (MOP)ĄG9003372166
Banco Comercial de Macau (MOP)ĄG957994
Banco Tai Fung (MOP)ĄG201-1-08636-1
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (MOP)ĄG0108000100000792507
Banco Delta Asia S.A.R.L. (MOP)ĄG02076-001196-4
Bank of China (MOP)ĄG 01-01-20787689
Bank of China (HKD)ĄG01-11-23-848238
Luso International Banking Ltd. (MOP)ĄG 10022-100235-5
Bance Weng Hang, S.A. (MOP)ĄG 278529-001
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (MOP)ĄG 001-131390-001
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HKD)ĄG 001-131390-151

The above accounts for donations are being used for various natural disasters.  When depositing your donation, please indicate it is for "Qinghai Earthquake, 2010 ".

Please NEVER send in cash by post.  Kindly make a cross check, payable to Macau Red Cross, mark it for "Qinghai Earthquake, 2010" on the envelope, and send it to our Headquarters at Alameda Dr. Carlos D'Assumpção, Nos. 235-287, China Civil Plaza, 3rd Floor, Macau