Macau Red Cross honored 59 volunteers 

Award Recipients Pictured with Macau Red Cross Leaders

(Macau Daily) Macau Red Cross (MRC) held the "2018 Volunteer Award Day" at the Federal Restaurant, commending and awarding volunteers for their tremendous voluntary service contributions in the past year. More than 200 volunteers of Community Service, First Aid service, and Youth Uniformed Group had attended. That night, new members and experienced volunteers gathered together to exchange their experience in serving as volunteers of MRC, in addition, awards were handed out to the outstanding volunteers.

Served over 3,000 people in the past year

At his opening remark, Wong Yue Kai, President of Central Council of Macau Red Cross, fully recognized the performance and services by all volunteers. He praised them for their active participation, as well as their generous dedication for promoting the quality of MRC volunteer services, which could efficiently help more people in need. He hoped that all MRC volunteers could be encouraged through recognition, understand the significance of being a volunteer and also share with people convincing them to participate in Volunteer Service.

According to Wong Yue Kai, MRC mobilized 1,330 volunteer man-hours in community care and health care service to 3,605 people in Macau, including senior, chronically-ill and disabled citizens, as well as single-parent family members. The demand of on-site first aid services has been increasing, reflecting that the importance of first aid becomes better received by different sectors in Macau. Wong Yue Kai encouraged all MRC volunteers to apply themselves to serve so as to protect safety of citizens. Last year, 2,917 volunteer man-hours of first-aiders provided 360 on-site first aid services to various local activities. Including the First Aid Station in Macau International Airport, 2,243 people received emergency care. Moreover, Wong Yue Kai praised all volunteers and staffs for showing high efficiency on civil-defense service during typhoon Mangkhut, such as assisting citizens to evacuate, setting up mobilized first aid stations, assembling emergency supplies, distributing emergency family packs, and calling to concern the users of MRC non- emergency Medical Transfer service.

Close to the needs of the public

A total of 46 outstanding volunteers received gold, silver and bronze awards last year, and another 13 volunteers received long-term service award of 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years respectively. Afterwards, a member from the Youth Uniformed Group shared her feeling and said that activities of MRC were diversified, which enriched her spare time and provided her opportunities for continuous learning and matured her. In addition, volunteer services held by MRC were close to the needs of the public, which brought practical help to the less fortunate.

MRC leaders attending the gathering included Chiang Sao Meng, and Chou Kuok Hei, Vice Presidents of Central Council, Quin Va, President of Directive Council, Chum Pak Tak, Vice President of Directive Council, Lau Veng Lin, Member and Chief of Protocol of Central Council, Leong Vai Chun, Member and Treasurer of Central Council, Wong Cheng Hin, Ho Man Cheong, Tang Kuan Meng, Lei Kuong Hong, Tam Chi Wai, Lim Kie Leng, Kwok Yau Fong, Wong Hing Tim, Mok Chi Meng, Leong Chong In, Iau Teng Pio and Lei Ka Man, Members of Central Council, Vong Hou Piu and Eusebio Lau, Members of Fiscal Council.

Posted on: Macao Daily 2019-02-14