Macau Red Cross Has Been Promoting the Spirit of Red Cross with the Help of the Media 

Wong Yue Kai

Leaders of Macau Red Cross toasted with local Chinese Media

(Macau Daily) Macau Red Cross (MRC) hosted a dinner with the local Chinese media. Wong Yue Kai, President of Central Council of Macau Red Cross, summarized their work of last year, and indicated that MRC had been promoting the spirit of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Humanitarianism; striving to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Last year, the monster Typhoon Mangkhut battered Macau. MRC dispatched over 20 members of Civil-Defense crew and 4 ambulances to help escort 62 people to temporary shelters. After the typhoon, various assistance and rescue services were immediately provided by MRC in order to help the citizens in need. MRC is looking forward to working with the local media to keep on promoting the serving spirit of Red Cross.

Immediate rescuing after Typhoon Mangkhut
MRC hosted a dinner for the local Chinese media, and representatives of Mainland media stationed in Macau to strengthen communication among one another. Wong Yue Kai, President of MRC Central Council, Chiang Sao Meng, Vice President, Joao Manuel Ambrosio, Secretary, Lau Veng Lin, Member and Chief of Protocol, Leong Vai Chun, Member and Treasurer and other members were present at the banquet. Wong Yue Kai said that once Typhoon Mangkhut had gone, MRC started providing various assistance and rescue services to the public immediately. MRC volunteer first aid team set up temporary stations in Macau peninsula, Taipa and Coloane so as to treat those citizens who suffered injuries while cleaning up. Emergency materials with a total value of MOP240,000 were distributed to the victims. As the MRC Non- emergency Medical Transfer service users are either chronic patients or elderlies with mobility problems, and have difficulties to take care of themselves, volunteers and staffs of MRC had sent messages and calls of concerns to them, and delivered supplies they might need, depending on actual situation.

Last year, Non-emergency Medical Transfer Service and Ambulance Service have provided 34,000 man-times transfer services for patients with mobility impairment. More than 300 first-aid lectures and regular courses were conducted throughout the year, with 5,600 people in attendance. In total about 400 teachers and staffs from 15 schools have joined the Campus First-Aid Workshops cooperated with Education and Youth Affairs Bureau. The First Aid Volunteer Team dispatched almost 3,000 man-times for responding to 360 on-site services, and provided first-aid treatments to over 1,600 wounded and sick on the spot. The community volunteer team spent more than 1,300 man-times to provide 80 community care and health services for 3,600 man-time.

In the Youth Uniformed Group currently there are 450 members organised in nine groups and fifteen teams. In addition, MRC put more effort to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other Red Cross Societies, having organized several teams of volunteers and young people to Mainland China, Malaysia and Canada for exchange activities, trainings and seminars.

Construction projects in Congjiang County has been carried out
MRC took active participation in Macau S.A.R. administrations poverty alleviation program in Congjiang County, and implemented the first phase of the poverty alleviation project, including three elementary schools, two kindergartens, two fraternity homes, and five health centers. The funding of the first phase totals more than RMB10,000,000, and the projects have been carried out at the present moment.

In Yunnan, Gansu and Shaoguan, a number of post-disaster reconstruction projects and philanthropic construction projects had been successively completed with three health centers, four fraternity homes, one flood drain, and one fraternity square, etc. Moreover, more than MOP1,800,000 was respectively donated to snowstorm in Hubei and Henan, typhoon in Shandong, earthquake in Taiwan, earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia as emergency relief funds.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2019-01-18