Macau Red Cross Contributes RMB200,000 to Alleviate Shandong Disaster 

(Macau Daily) Recently, after typhoon Rumbia landed in Zhejiang Province, it continued sweeping up north with mercilessly dumping torrential rain that exceeded historical extreme. In particular, large-scale downpours devastated Shandong Province in 632 towns (communities), 81 counties (cities, districts), 13 cities including Weifang, Zibo and Dongying in varying degrees of destruction, and Shouguang County received the heaviest blow. Macau Red Cross (MRC) is monitoring attentively for the current conditions, and closely coordinating with Red Cross Society of China (RCSC). MRC already allocated RMB200,000 from the disaster relief fund for procurement of local emergency relief supplies to meet victims' urgent needs.

According to the report that, as of 4 pm on the 25th of August, 5,258,400 people severely affected, with a death toll of 24 and 3 still missing, 190,600 urgently relocated, and 51,000 in need of emergency livelihood assistance. A total area of 618,300 hectares of farm produce are in jeopardy, amidst of 381,100 hectares have been seriously affected, and 43,300 hectares of farmland suffered total loss with zero yield. 13,803 structures have been completely ruined, 12,225 houses seriously destroyed, while 59,502 in moderate damage. It is estimated that the direct economic loss comes up to RMB22.16 billion.

Currently, RCSC has launched a level-3 emergency response mechanism, and allocated disaster relief funds to Shandong affected area, with disaster relief family packs and tents, that incurred a total value of RMB1,970,270. The China Red Cross Foundation distributed 2,000 relief family packs (worth RMB600,000), used to support Shandong Red Cross Society to carry out disaster relief mission. MRC continues to be alert to further development of the region, and maintains instant communications with RCSC and Shandong Red Cross Society, for taking necessary actions depending on possible changes.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2018-08-30