dot Macau Red Cross Delegation in Jiangxi and Henan Provinces to provide care and warm 2015-01-21
dot Ludian Reconstruction News Release 2015-01-20
dot Prize Presentation to Winners of "Draw up Your Perseverance and Vitality" Youth and Children Coloring Contest 2015-01-16
Event Location/Remarks Date
dot "Cut" With a Heart Centro de Dia da Ilha Verde (Elderly Center) 2014-05-31
dot Red Ribbon Debate Competition Final Round Macao Red Cross Head Office 2014-05-31
dot YABC-Creative Thinking Macao Red Cross Head Office 2014-05-25

Macau Red Cross Concerns Yunnan Earthquake

DFS Cotai Limitada Donated to Macau Red Cross Youth Development

Macau Red Cross commended 80 volunteers

Macau Red Cross explains the difference between emergency and transfer vehicles

Insufficient Parking Space Impedes Macau Red Cross Service Expansion

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