dot Macau Red Cross received donations over MOP19,000,000 2014-08-20
dot Macau Red Cross First Aid Competition Enhancing Relief Standard 2014-08-20
dot Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese donated to the Red Cross to help Yunnan 2014-08-19
Event Location/Remarks Date
dot "Cut" With a Heart Centro de Dia da Ilha Verde (Elderly Center) 2014-05-31
dot Red Ribbon Debate Competition Final Round Macao Red Cross Head Office 2014-05-31
dot YABC-Creative Thinking Macao Red Cross Head Office 2014-05-25

Opening of the Yushu Health Clinic, reconstructed by the Macau Foundation and Macau Red Cross, Unveiled

Two Organizations Donating to Support Yunnan Victims

Yunnan-Ludian Teachers and Students Received Supplies for New School Term

Macau Association of Temple of Lam Soi donated to Macau Red Coss

Red Cross Continues to Receive Donations

Macau Red Cross Received Donations near MOP20,000,000

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