dot Arrangements for Typhoon 2017-08-22
dot Macau Red Cross contest promotes first aid knowledge 2017-08-17
dot Macau Red Cross Concerns Gansu Disaster 2017-08-15
Event Location/Remarks Date
dot "Cut" With a Heart Centro de Dia da Ilha Verde (Elderly Center) 2014-05-31
dot Red Ribbon Debate Competition Final Round Macao Red Cross Head Office 2014-05-31
dot YABC-Creative Thinking Macao Red Cross Head Office 2014-05-25

Rehabilitation Shuttle Bus service is going to be launched during the middle of next month

GEG Support MRC To Set up Disaster Preparedness Center

Completion of Macau Aided Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Lushan County of Ya'an City, Sichuan Province

An aided student aspires to become a medical doctor and pays back the community

Macau Red Cross Conveys Macau Community's Love

Macau Red Cross, the Strongest Backup

Construction Association Donates MOP280,000 as Condolences

Macau Red Cross supports post-disaster emotion in community

Hong Kong and Macau Red Cross Jointly Conducting Post-disaster Psychological Support

Macau Red Cross Setting up Temporary First Aid Stations

Macau Red Cross Supplying Drinking Water to Service Users

Macau Red Cross Mobilizing Post-disaster Clean-up and Repair

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