dot MRC Briefs Work at the Media Executives Dinner Reception 2014-01-18
dot MGM aids Philippine Disaster Relief with MOP500,000 2013-12-07
dot Macau Red Cross Organizes Disneyland Tour for Special Education Students 2013-11-29
Event Location/Remarks Date
dot Love & Care Action 2014 Pou Choi Centre of Fuhong Society 2014-04-26
dot Members Assembly Macao Red Cross Head Office 2014-04-26
dot Healthcare Services for the Elderly Jardim da Flora 2014-04-13

Prize Presentation to Winners of "Draw up Your Perseverance and Vitality" Youth and Children Colouring Contest

MOP200,000 Donation from Several Organizations to Assist Philippine Typhoon Victims

Awards Presentation to Red Cross Volunteers

Macau Red Cross Launches 'Loving Care in the Cold' Campaign

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